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Carsat Centre Ouest

Mail management

Presentation of the client

CARSAT stands for Caisse d’Assurance Retraite et de Santé Au Travail—a French Retirement and Health in the Workplace Fund. It is a social security body with a public service role that operates under private law.

Making communication paperless is part of our future strategy, and we are working on it with Tessi.

Théodore DAHLEM - Director of Logistics, Information Technology and Security

The client’s issue

In 2008, CARSAT Centre Ouest wanted to reduce its operating budget without affecting the quality of service. A study carried out in-house revealed the considerable cost of outgoing mail (printing, enveloping, transferring to the mailing department, etc.). The body decided to outsource managing its mail to Tessi to reduce the costs of handling and franking.

The solution offered by Tessi

The Tessi POST solution implemented at CARSAT automates the design, production and dispatching of letters by means of a virtual printer on the users’ workstations. There are no longer any manual tasks: the letters are created through the users’ standard applications. They are then bulked together and produced on an industrial printing line, which means reduced production and franking costs. Using Tessi POST has also made it possible to create a library of standard documents for the organisation.


  • Processing and franking costs reduced by about 20%
  • Traceability for each dispatch through the online portal
  • User-friendly document searches
  • Good take-up by the staff due to the change management implemented by CARSAT

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