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Carrefour Banque

Digitisation of granting credit

Presentation of the client

As a banking subsidiary of the Carrefour Group, for more than thirty years, Carrefour Banque has offered a range of accessible and high-performance products that meet the needs of clients and consumers. Carrefour Banque has earned itself a top ranking place in financial services. In France, more than two million people have a Carte PASS, the bank’s renewable credit card.

We are always learning from our discussions with Tessi. Tessi is more like a partner than a service provider as they share their knowledge and expand our ecosystem.

Steve REDO - Head of Credit for Carrefour Banque

The client's issue

Opening an account or taking our credit online must be as smooth as making an online purchase. Tessi is helping us to make this promise into a reality,” claims Steve Redo, Head of Credit for Carrefour Banque. This strategy goes along with a global development. In China, banks can award credit online in just a few seconds thanks to digitising applications and the real-time assessment of customer profiles.

The solution offered by Tessi

To accelerate the digital transformation of Carrefour Banque, Tessi worked on two complementary plans. The first was based on verifying the documents received online, or sent in physically and scanned. To check the compliance of files, the “processing plant” in place uses automated document recognition and reading systems, and a semantic engine, governed by rules defined by Carrefour Banque.

The second service is based on a platform of Tessi experts, who are qualified to give the green light to the first level of granting credit – i.e. about 15% of applications. From the call for tenders, the bank was able to see, in the field, the quality of the services offered by Tessi and talk to the company’s clients with absolute transparency. “Our in-house teams are therefore fully devoted to financial expertise, which reduces the response time for our customers,” specified Steve Redo.

This outsourcing is part the digital transformation strategy that Carrefour Banque is undertaking to become an Augmented Bank, by valuing data and automating processes. The aim is to have instantaneous answers, with a risk offset by analysis.


  • Short response times and increased productivity
  • IOBSP certified teams from Tessi that are trained by Carrefour Banque
  • Carrefour Banque experts involved in risk limitation and a better experience for clients.
  • More accurate monitoring of developments on the market

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