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Branches archive digitization


Leading banking group in retail banking in the Iberian Peninsula. They have more than 15.7 million customers (26.3% of the market share) and about 37,500 employees. Having a significant presence in Spain and Portugal, with an important multi-channel platform complemented by the existence of 5,176 branches and a high percentage of digital customers within the total number of clients of the financial institution.

Tessi´s capacity and flexibility were fundamental for the success of the Project. The volumes and typologies of documents were very varied and to some extent unknown, which required an important capacity for adaptation and learning to meet the deadlines

Client's opinion -

Service demanded by the client

Given the need to proceed to adapt a significant number of bank branches (comprehensive reform with increased spaces for customer service), it was necessary to empty physical documentation from the branches for which a massive document digitization and identification service was requested (asset, liabilities, mortgage, etc.).

Solution implemented by Tessi

Tessi implemented a solution that generated an industrialized processing in a very small SLA, obtaining a traced and reconciled result that allowed the financial entity to process a global of about 1.2 million documents (contracts) indexed, within a period of four months of global processing (6,200 containers treated and a total of almost 10.7 million digitized sheets).

Advantages of the project

  • Adaptability of the process to massive document inputs (with increments of 1000%).
  • Adaptability of the process to all types of documentary input, regardless of its source channel.
  • Guarantee of traceability and documentary conciliation, together with the verification of the legibility of the document and its indexing.
  • 24*7 processing service, which enabled raising the KPIs immediately thanks to the industrial capacity of the process design.

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