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Marketing & customer relations

Enhance your business, improve your customer relations

Put your clients at the heart of your strategy.

Thanks to our combined expertise in marketing and customer relations, we can help you finally make this ambition a reality.

In terms of customer marketing, our experts help you design and implement your activations and your relationship programmes.

What is our core belief? That only a customer-centric, data-steered strategy will be effective. What makes us stand out? Our ability to provide you with a 100%-integrated solution from strategic consulting to technologies and solutions to rolling out your campaign’s operations.

Entrust your client relationship management to us and improve your daily interactions with your customers. Thanks to our contact centres’ technologies and expertise, you’ll benefit from an omni-channel solution that combines all the communication channels your clients use (telephone, email, mobile apps, chatbots, etc.).

Quality is our priority, with centres based 100% in France and Spain, and an ambitious training policy.

Every day, we offer your clients a peerless experience enabling you to build a sustainable, profitable relationship with them.

Your organisation will be centred on your clients, making them more satisfied, strengthening your relationship, and helping you grow your business.

“We firmly believe in personalising the relationship with the end customer. By building bespoke, strategic approaches, we deliver marketing & customer relation services that build value and satisfaction"

Cécile Devin & Randa Botquin - CEO Customer Marketing & CEO Customer Relations

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