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Corporate governance

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Claire Fistarol

Chairwoman of the Management Board

Olivier Jolland

General Manager - Member of the Management Board

The General Management Committee is made up of the Management Board and the members of the Operational Departments:

Virginie Degeorgis

Chief Executive Officer - Tessi France

Dominique Trichard

Chief Executive Officer Insurance - France

Claude Briqué

Chief Executive Officer Customer relations centers

Jean-Luc Vecchio

Chief Executive Officer - Tessi Consulting & Integration Division and Tessi Switzerland

Pablo Castro Ubal

Chief Executive Officer - Latam

The Executive Committee is composed of the members of the Management Committee and:

Cécile Devin

Deputy Managing Director in charge of marketing, sales and pre-sales and Director of the customer marketing division

Benoit Bourg

Director of Human Resources

Bruno De Kervenoael

Director External Growth and Partnership

Claire Mutel

Legal Director

Emmanuelle Ertel

Director of Communication & Digital Innovation

Jean-François Daumas

Internal Audit Director

Patrick Peillon

Director of Information Systems

Véronique Vastel

Financial Performance and Management Control Director

Number of independent members of the Supervisory Board: two.
Number of Supervisory Board Members elected by the employees: one.
Minimum number of shares to be held by a member of the Supervisory Board: this obligation was abolished in accordance with the deliberations of the Combined General Meeting of 18 June 2009.
To date, the Council is composed of 9 members:

Vincent Ménez

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jean-Louis Savoye

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Marine Dentressangle

Member of the Supervisory Board

Michel Angé

Member of the Supervisory Board

Nathalie Gak

Member of the Supervisory Board

The company HLD Conseils

Member of the Supervisory Board, represented by Constance LANEQUE

Alix Guillon

Member of the Supervisory Board


Member of the Supervisory Board

Daniel Aquaba

Member of the Supervisory Board employees representative

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