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Cookie management policy

The Site uses the cookie types below:

Internal cookies or third-party cookies

In the same way, all of the cookies used via the Site are either internal cookies included by the Site or third-party cookies included by third-party sites.

Session cookies or persistent cookies

All of the cookies used via the Site are either session cookies or persistent cookies. The session cookies are used to temporarily store information for the duration of Customers’ browsing sessions on the Site and are deleted when Customers leave the Site. In contrast, persistent cookies are used to store for a defined period of time, certain information obtained at the time of Customers visiting the Site in order to reuse this information at the time of subsequent visits.


Internal cookies

Cookie nameType (session ou permanent)Description
tessiBourse10 minutesThese cookies store two stock market values: the CAC 40 and the Tessi share price.
_icl_current_languageInternal permanent cookiesThese cookies are used to store language.


Cookies strictly necessary for the Site to work

These cookies are necessary for browsing the Site and using some of the Site’s functionalities, such as access to secure pages. These cookies do not collect Customers’ personal information that may be used for the purpose of storing the websites visited or marketing purposes.


Performance cookies to measure Site traffic

These cookies collect information on how Customers use the Site. In particular, they are used to identify the pages that Customers browse most frequently. These cookies do not collect Customers’ personal information. All the information is anonymous. These cookies are only used to enable Tessi Technologies to optimise the Site’s operation.


Functional cookies to customise browsing or use certain Site functionalities

These cookies remember the choices made by Customers (e.g.: language) and enable the customisation of browsing. They may also enable the use of certain functionalities.


Targeting cookies

These cookies are used to display adverts or messages that may interest Customers. Targeting cookies related to the Site are used by third parties.


Third-party cookies

To measure traffic

Cookie nameTypeDescription
_ga.Third-party permanent statistics and tracking cookieTo differentiate users.
_gid.Third-party permanent statistics and tracking cookieThese cookies are used to implement the Google Analytics service.


To improve the interactivity of the Site

Cookie nameTypeDescription
_NIDThird-party permanent preferences cookieTo store your preferences and other information using a unique ID.
_utmbThird-party session statistics and tracking cookieThis cookie is used to track the browser’s browsing session. Use of this cookie combined with the utmc cookie helps track sessions on a given site.
_utmcThird-party session statistics and tracking preference cookieThis cookie works as a complement to the _utmb cookie to ascertain whether or not there is a new session by the current visitor.


The Site offers the Customer a functionality for sharing content on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Facebook is notified when the Customer browses on the Site’s page containing the Facebook share button. In addition, when the Customer presses the Facebook share button and created or logs on to his account, Facebook uses cookies which track his browsing online. Similarly, when the Customer uses the Twitter or LinkedIn share button and creates or logs on to his account, Twitter or LinkedIn uses cookies. These cookies are beyond the control of Tessi. Please read the Facebook data use policy and rules for use of cookies by clicking on the following links: and


and also the Twitter privacy policy and rules for use of cookies by clicking on the following links: and

and also the LinkedIn privacy policy and rules for use of cookies by clicking on the following link:

The Site uses the Google Analytics tool that involves the use of cookies by Google to identify Customers, their visits to the Site and the sites previously visited. The processing of this information by the Google Analytics tool provides Tessi with statistics on Site use. These cookies are beyond the control of Tessi. For further information on the use of these cookies and Google’s privacy rules, please use the following links: and


Customers may configure their browsers to remove the cookies already installed on their devices, to ensure that they are asked to accept or refuse the installation of individual cookies or to automatically accept or refuse all cookies for certain sites or all sites. However, refusing the use of cookies may prevent certain Site functionalities from working.

The cookie management settings vary between browsers. Instructions on this for the most common browsers are available by clicking on the links below:

For further information on cookies and how to configure your browser, please visit the following site:

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